by Glass Masks

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This is Glass Masks' first album. Primitivhythm was self recorded over the summer of 2010.


released October 21, 2010



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Glass Masks

Lofi electronic / acoustic / dance project.

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Track Name: Bear Needs
Your voice
is song
Those people
are wrong
Lungs stretch
the beat long
Far fetched but still
enough to belong

Break it

(Take your art to the top)

Take your art to the top, stop break it
Track Name: Sediment
when i climbed the mountain
my feet were cold
fishes swam around me
and through my toes
i knew it wouldnt be long
now that the ground began to break

i knew the peak was
just going to crumble down i would fall
back down. right where i wanted to be

right there in the middle
of the rock in the sea
i huddle down in secret
and wait for your ripple to hit me

you fall down in too
and just miss the stars
your not far
but i cant reach you yet.

when i climbed the mountain.
Track Name: Accountant's Son
Accountants son
what fair is fair
swing swang on the tire swing
long straw replace my hair
A mother's arms
point and flail
Swing swang on the rocky air
wanna go but i don't know where

Accountants son
what's fair is fair
swing swang by the tire swing
shoes fly off in the air
Spider silk
trap ensnare
swing swang on the rotten earth
wanna go but you don't know where

Street lights find
places to hit
they were blind
and couldn't swallow it
Soda pops
open and hit
That is that
this is this

You want to go but don't know where.
Track Name: Fire Bender
he's lonely now
blend slowly how
should he believe you now
when it's all jokes

you take what you want
and ask what to leave
you take what you want
then ask what to leave

Indian boy
dropping down in to sea
Collapsed confessions
of what is not

Bender of fire
drummer and liar
of what is not

Take what you are
Ask what to leave.
Track Name: Summer Thunder
sittin' here
summer time
here i go

highway traveling
cruise controlled
steady i go
away from here

Friends are lost
friends are found
i don't know where your bound
but i'm going home.

dreaming of
Blue rope lines
the road
Green will come after awhile
yellow grins turn into smiles
Track Name: Noon Room
waking to
hands connecting
bodies closer in time
not angry
or laughing
no talking
for a time

try and feel with me
that's the idea.
no more talking just
just what we feel

sleeping in
while your leaving
i'll wake up
at noon
silence is not
scary in your bedroom

And i want you to know

sun beams come through
through the cracks
i close your door softly
until we get back
Track Name: Wayst
find yourself
eyes look down
fake our own sound
besides no ones really around
no one's hearing me through their clouds
prevential misleading town
set the stage to go
where we wished they'd be
confused looking fish
stuck inside their little
fish bowls
with hooks inside their lips
before they go they understand
what they don't

sound makes the soundwaves
sound makes the soundwaves

you're lost with me.
Track Name: We Are
hey ya know they're not gonna save us
hey do you know
just who will show

we are weighing down ourselves and picking though
before we wall we must choose and we don't know
no one.
with the glow of our star reflected eyes this old city will be here even if there's no sky

we are waiting save yourself cause we're not going to save us
save yourself cause they're not going to save us.

hey we all know
just who will show
hey do you know?
yeah we all know

chewing through us like a light through the clouds
the glow we reach won't be that bad

just cause we wanted to know they're going to leave us in a dust of glow.