Off the Top EP

by Glass Masks

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Self Recorded EP
This collection of music is a stepping stone from Primitivhythm to our next full album.


released November 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Glass Masks

Lofi electronic / acoustic / dance project.

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Track Name: Off the Top
In the morning
brain cells draw
up conclusions
of what you lost
can't remember a word that he said
tired of fighting and throwing his bed sheets
in the corner and his cds
you say you need to "find out what being alone
means to me."
Finding out
just what they're saying
Laughing loud
now you're complaining
You're fine by yourself
Find your final self
and after all of this
picture planned
hiding fists
world opens
to your lips
hands fall down
to just miss
what you are
low sound hiss
to the crime
he commits
and all your
final hits
breaks behind
future bliss
"Take a little bit off the top," he said. You won't be seeing him again.
Track Name: Stay
If you have nothing to do
why don't you stay?
You wanted to say that you wanted to stay.
Track Name: I'm This
I just thought that
Nothing was there
With my hair wet
I saw you cared
I'm this so you believe
I'm this to see what I need

I'm this for you boy

Breaking through what i saw
Mountain peaks, air was soft
I'm this to help you see
I'm this, let it all be

I'm this for you boy
Track Name: Sun Dream
Wait and see
all of us free
mountains breath
hole in sea
signs point at dreams
revrently plea
chaos brings seeds
show us meaning

on the back of the sun
we only dream of
what nights become
so softly it hums

sound we break
leaves of fate
all of us here
still fighting fears

of the only one
all others sound fun
to me but the one

fun but the only one is the only fun
Track Name: Looks Just like the Sun
Looks just like the sun
Looks just like it
But a breathing, thinking one

Heart is pounding in his chest
Reaches suddenly for his gun
Ship is sailing in the west
A flower that could be his fun

Tree of antlers on his head
Weary red split-open eyes
I'm on the corner thinkin' 'bout my bed
He just stands and signifies

Looks just like the sun

Gold and red, the colors change
you can't forget
Turning back
I thought I knew someone
You better check your watch
I think it's time you left me
darkness still
It's obvious to everyone

Looks just like the sun